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Reservation regulations from Carbon Blue kennel and privacy policy.
1. The website is available at www.carbonblue.eu and is owned by Paulina Dorota Pasiut, a registered dog breeder of Blue Carbon associated in the Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce, Zielona Gora branch, belonging to Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), having place: address of operations and delivery address: ul. Strumykowa 20c / 9, 65-101 Zielona Gora, Poland, e-mail address: pasiut.paulina@gmail.com, phone number: +48889100886.

2. These Regulations are addressed to consumers who want to book a dog. The administrator of personal data processed in connection with the implementation of these Regulations is the Breeder. Personal data is processed for purposes and based on the principles set out in the Regulations of the kennel website. Providing personal information is voluntary. However, failure to provide the personal data indicated in the Regulations necessary to conclude the Reservation Agreement results in the inability to conclude this agreement. Any person whose personal data is processed by the Breeder has the right to inspect their content and the right to update and correct it.

3. The customer is obliged to use the Carbon Blue kennel website in a manner consistent with the law and decency, having regard to respect for personal rights as well as copyrights and intellectual property of the Breeder and third parties. The customer is obliged to enter data consistent with the facts. The customer is prohibited from providing unlawful content.

4. Conclusion of a Reservation Agreement between the Customer and the Breeder takes place after the Customer has previously made a Reservation using the Order Form on the kennel website.
  The price of the dog shown on the kennel website is given in euros and includes taxes. About the total price of the dog being the subject of the Booking, as well as the costs:

  • transport fees – if ordered by the customer,
  • personal passport – if ordered by the customer,
  • personal export pedigree – if ordered by the customer,
  • and about other costs, and when it is not possible to determine the amount of these fees – about the obligation to pay them, the Customer is informed on the kennel website through a messenger panel or other form of contact with the breeder mentioned in point 1 of the Regulations.

5. The reservation costs 100 euros. This amount after payment will be deducted from the price of the dog on delivery (i.e. deposit). In a situation that the customer decides not to buy a dog, the reservation will be forfeited (not returnable). In a situation where for some reason the Breeder is unable to comply with the Booking Agreement, the Booking shall be returned to the Customer.

6. Methods and date of payment for the Booking: The breeder provides the Customer with the following payment methods under the Booking Agreement:
Payment by bank transfer to the Breeder’s bank account:
Bank account number: 06 1140 2004 0000 3002 6175 5919
Title: name of the dog
Recipient: Paulina Pasiut, ul. Strumykowa 20c / 9, 65-101 Zielona Góra, Poland
For foreign transfers:
IBAN number: PL06 1140 2004 0000 3002 6175 5919
Payment deadline: If the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, the customer is obliged to make the payment within 7 calendar days from the date of the Booking Agreement.

7. The right to withdraw from the contract: A customer who has a distance contract may withdraw from it within 7 calendar days without giving a reason and without incurring costs, except for the costs specified in point 4 of the Regulations ordered according to customer specifications. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.

8. After the conclusion of the Reservation Agreement:
– a date for collecting the dog from the kennel is set, appropriate for both parties to the Agreement,
– additional costs are set (e.g. passport, health tests),
– transport. (We do not sign contracts with transport companies. However, we recommend certified carriers: Linora)

9. Layette included in the price of the dog.