We offer our buyers full support in the development of our puppy. We try to keep in touch and answer all questions.

  • I have a Master’s Degree in Biology (Degree Classification – Distinction), thereby specializing in genetics.
  • In addition I have a decade of knowledge in the field of breeding purebred dogs.
  • We work with outstanding kennels with many years of experience, some with the achievements of the Winners at the highest rank exhibition – World Dog Show:
    • Austria (Only Precious),
    • Czech Republic (Wild Fantasy),
    • Germany (Tribute to Queen’s),
    • Poland (Golden Blanc).
  • We use veterinary knowledge from:
    • Austria (clinic in Linz),
    • Czech (clinic in Ceske Budejovice),
    • Polish (clinic in Zielona Góra).
  • Fascinated by this beautiful breed, full of passion and endless dedication, no cost count…

Such basics give confidence in buying decisions from our kennel.